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As an emerging singer-songwriter in New York City and Nashville, Meaghan Farrell didn’t know her own power. It might be more accurate to say that she simply didn’t know how to harness it. Meaghan had always loved to sing, turning heads with her strong voice as a kid growing up in Harrisburg, PA. Meaghan knew early that she was meant to write songs, perform, and connect with people. Like so many new artists, Meaghan was proud of her early songs, but the material wasn’t completely “her”, she hadn’t yet found her voice.


Driving around the country as a touring singer-songwriter can be a lonely proposition, with lots of time to think behind the wheel, to get to know one’s self. It was on this journey of self-discovery that Meaghan realized that her artist voice was actually the voice inside her own head. Conversations with Myself ​came out of an extraordinary time in my life,” Meaghan says. “I was no longer willing to accept feeling certain kinds of familiar pain anymore. It all started with checking in with myself every single day, over a cup of coffee in the morning. It was through this sort of meditation that I began the journey of healing a very broken heart. I am still on that journey. I am still talking to myself, trying to more deeply understand who I am... and I am learning how truly grateful I am for all that I have and all I can give.”


Fresh off a triumphant return to The Rock Boat, Meaghan is slated to take a break from her constant tour schedule to team up with production duo Nate and Dan Monea at their Little C Studios in Canton, Ohio. The Moneas helped her express the full range of her emotions: from heartbreak to healing, from injustice to empowerment, from anxiety to confidence, Meaghan shares it all. Her philosophy is simple - the best version of yourself has always been there, it is often too noisy to hear that voice. The trick is to quiet the world, quiet yourself until you can truly hear it. The clarity. The calm. The love.


With her powerful new music, Meaghan Farrell aspires to be heard for many years to come. Her recent single, “My Kitchen - The Sad Version” was recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama by producer Patrick Tetreault and mixed by Craig Alvin (Kacey Musgraves, Hanson, Little Big Town). 


One conversation at a time. One song at a time. One tour at a time, including her recent dates supporting Red Wanting Blue, Will Hoge, and Tony Lucca. Meaghan says, "Look into the deepest, darkest parts of yourself. Get uncomfortable. Accept it all with love, compassion and gratitude for where you've been. I believe from that place, your dreams start to become your reality."


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